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Clarkson was the only college I considered seriously and it was the only one I applied to. The people, the curriculum, and the incredible network of alumni all played a role in my decision. I know Clarkson will take me where I want to go.

Matthew Craw

Things You Need to Know

Q: What can you do here?

A: Just about anything. 

At Clarkson, you can take charge of your experience and we'll help you along the way. You know your purpose, and we know what companies and programs are looking for. And we'll be cheering you on the whole way.

50+ Programs in arts, sciences, engineering, business, health sciences, environmental science

Q: Who are our people?

A. Athletes. Scientists. Gamers. Environmentalists. Entrepreneurs. Artists. Self-proclaimed geeks. Dancers. Tinkerers. Wallflowers. Explorers. Natural born leaders. Thrill-seekers. 

We're a blend of cultures, beliefs, interests and ideas. So it's safe to say, we are your people. 

3,300 undergraduate students with an average sat of 1230, ACT Composition score of 27 and average GPA of 3.63

Come and See What We're All About

No Two Visits are the Same

We offer personalized attention to our current students, so why not to prospective students? 

Come to Clarkson Monday-Saturday almost any time of year and we'll understand what interests you and turn it into a unique, one-on-one experience. Meet with a professor or athletic coach, take a campus tour with one of our inspiring tour guides, sit in on a class, and chat with one of our admissions counselors about your future at Clarkson.

Spend the Night

Get a full feel of our campus by participating in an overnight visit with a current student. Why? 

Your new college is your new home - so experience Clarkson for yourself before you make this critical decision in your life.  Accompany your host to class, dining locations, athletic facilities, and get insider information on some of the hidden gems of this historic and beautiful campus. 

What We're Worth

Sticker Price vs. Real Costs

Don't let the sticker price scare you! 9 out of 10 Clarkson students receive financial aid in the form of scholarships, grants, loans and work-study jobs. That means that the sticker price is probably NOT what you're going to pay. And we automatically consider all applicants for merit based scholarships. 

Clarkson Univeristy Ungergrad Fees, Tuition & Fees $48,194, Housing (2 Persons) $8,322, Meals $6,900, Total Fixed Costs $64,666

*Housing costs are based on a weighted average. Freshman housing charges are usually slightly less than the weighted average. For exact housing figures, please see our current housing rates webpage.
**Total fixed costs apply to U.S. citizens and permanent residents. See costs and financial aid for international students. 

Scholarships & Financial Aid

Financial Aid can be an overwhelming process, but it doesn't have to be. All of our admissions counselors are cross-trained in financial aid to find the best opportunities for our families. We have countless scholarship, grant, loan and work-study options to explore with you and we're here to help.

90% of our students receive scholarships & grants


What We'll Cost


If you don't want to take our word for it, check out our Net Price Calculator to see what your estimated first-year, undergraduate cost of attendance might be. 

In order to complete this calculator, you will need the following:

    1. The 2016 federal tax return and W2 statement(s) for the student and parent(s)
    2. Student's academic information, including cumulative GPA (required), standardized test scores, and high school rank and class size (if applicable)
    3. 15 minutes of your time

*It is not intended for use by graduate, transfer, readmitted, continuing, international or part-time students.
**It is not an official application for financial aid and is not a substitute for applying for financial aid. The student must complete the FAFSA to determine eligibility for federal student aid funds.
***The results provided here are only an estimate and do not guarantee the actual financial aid you will receive. 

Start Your Application

High School Students

If you're a high school student ready to enter your first-year of undergraduate studies and you think Clarkson might be right for you, what are you waiting for? We offer two application options, and your application fee is waived by applying online.  If you know we're the place for you, check out our early decision option.

Transfer Students

Clarkson welcomes transfer applications from students who are currently attending another college or university inside or outside the United States. We look for the same qualities in our transfer students as traditional first-year applicants: strong academic records, persuasive recommendations, and a spark that sets you apart. 

International Students

As an international student at Clarkson, you’ll join undergraduates from over 40 different countries who thrive in a supportive, welcoming university community. The active International Students Club will provide a campus home away from home, and the International Center at Clarkson can answer all of your questions about visas, work permits, and the logistics of living and learning in the United States. 

Our Undergraduate Admission Staff

Our admissions staff and students are your best resource when it comes to really understanding the admissions process, financial aid and what being a part of the Clarkson community is all about. Reach out to the counselor in your area, or any of our staff members, to start the conversation.

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